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We deliver high quality, community based mental health services in Buckinghamshire and in East Berkshire. We are a diverse team of people, but with one thing in common: we all have an interest and enthusiasm for seeing mental health services improve across the region and making lives better. One of our strengths is that we have a number of colleagues who have an understanding or lived experience of mental health.

Mind in Berkshire
is an exciting collaboration between Buckinghamshire Mind and Oxfordshire Mind in which we will work together to create a unified voice and understanding across East and West Berkshire. Buckinghamshire Mind is working across East Berkshire, whilst Oxfordshire Mind is working across West Berkshire.

Over the last few years in East Berkshire, Buckinghamshire Mind have impacted on hundreds of lives through our expanding Friends in Need and Community Connectors services. We also deliver a wide selection of Training Services to local organisations along with Children and Young People’s mental health support and educational workshops in schools and colleges for students, staff and parents.

Does this sound like somewhere you’d like to work? Is this a team you’d like to belong to?
We’re looking for committed colleagues who are excited by the Values that guide us, and who have an agile mindset to help us achieve our vision.
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Do you agree with our values?

  • We are open to all (we don’t judge or discriminate)
  • We treat people with compassion and kindness
  • We seek to support people by equipping ourselves with knowledge and understanding
  • We are tenacious in advancing our impact
  • We work in partnership with others – internally and externally

Do you have an Agile Mindset?

The world is changing more quickly than ever before. Technology is developing at a rapid pace and the profile of mental health issues is changing too, particularly post Covid and with the increase in social media and an aging population. We need a team that is able to adapt and flex to new ways of working and to embrace change and harness new ideas and innovations. This means that you have to be able to communicate well with others around you and be able to work with others to get things done.

Why work for Bucks Mind?

Apart from working for an organisation that has a fundamental purpose and experiencing the satisfaction of being a part of that, you will belong to an organisation that is respected across England and Wales for its leadership in mental health issues. We are affiliated to National Mind and our Mind brand is well recognised. Mind (both nationally and locally in Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire) is sought after for its commentary on mental health issues and provides support for those struggling with their mental health in so many ways, including advocating for improvements in mental health provision at local and national level.

You will have opportunities to develop your skills in the understanding of mental health and service provision and seeing how a charity operates, and developing professional skills in your area of expertise.

You’ll work amongst like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and enjoy an authentic culture where you matter and you are trusted and supported to do your job professionally and asked to contribute to the overall plans and ideas.

We are always trying to get the balance right between giving people the flexibility to combine their personal and work lives whilst recognising that healthy boundaries are important. Work shouldn’t become all-consuming and we must able to rest and live holistic lives. Our flexible culture, our hybrid working model (for many roles) and our outcome-focussed approach ensure that we have the agility to navigate this. We expect our team to do their jobs well (we have high, professional standards), but we also value people’s families and personal lives too. Our generous annual leave benefit supports our approach.

Our current focus is on supporting and equipping our People Managers to inspire and manage their teams to enable every single person to bring their best self to work. We have a framework which ensures you’ll have regular meetings with your manager where you have meaningful conversations about yourself and the work that you do.

We’re also improving access to information and communications and trying to create more space for people to collaborate in the same physical place.

As you would hope for in a mental health charity, we value our team’s wellbeing and provide support for this in numerous ways. We’re always looking for things to add to our wellbeing strategy, though – it’s never ‘complete’.

Learning and development

Learning and development are of vital importance to many employees and we embrace this with a blended approach – some formal training is provided (particularly in the areas of mental health, safeguarding, management development, etc) but we offer many informal learning and development opportunities as well, together with information on access to free learning.

If you have high standards, excellent people skills, empathy and a genuine desire to do work that makes a real difference to people’s lives then you are likely to enjoy working with us.

Career development

In 2023, several people in our organisation have moved to a different role because of promotion or have moved to a different team for their career development. There are opportunities to move around and broaden or grow your experience and skills.

Flexible Working

We support flexibility in working patterns and working location to enable you to combine your personal life with work. We offer great flexibility in taking your annual leave at times to support you. Annual leave is generous and there is an option to buy additional annual leave. You don’t need to worry about occasionally fitting in a school run, taking a slightly longer lunch break or starting late and finishing late to fit in a personal appointment. We trust you to manage your time in conjunction with your line manager, as we know people get their work done.


Our culture is about encouraging each other to be their best selves at work and to feel able to grow and develop in a supportive environment.We are always seeking opportunities to try new ideas, and trying to make our workplace better: more diverse, more efficient, more supportive of our wellbeing. We want to be on the cusp of best practice in service provision, business modelling and looking after and supporting our workforce. Our ultimate aim is to be a place that people want to belong to.

You can read all about our benefits here.

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